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Cordless & Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Suppliers | ZEK

Among the cordless and wireless vacuum cleaner suppliers, ZEK is one of the rare ones with a self-owned factory with customized services for your brand.


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Product IntroductionThis product is called portable carpet cleaner, Mainly used to clean carpets and sofas. In addition, it can be equipped with long flat suction, square brush, glass brush and pet brush. You can use long flat suction to vacuum dust, use glass brush to clean glass, and use pet brush to bathe pets. This …

What are the needs of modern people for household vacuum cleaners? – Zhengyikai

For many urban families, the vacuum cleaner has become an essential small household appliance for cleaning the family. We can understand the development trend of today’s small household appliance product design through the research on the design concept of the current household vacuum cleaner. Nowadays, many vacuum cleaners are absolutely full of humanistic ...

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Product IntroductionThis product is called a handheld vacuum cleaner, It is mainly used for household and car dust cleaning, equipped with a long flat suction, which can be used to clean the floor, sofa, and mattress. the filter assembly is detachable for cleaning in order to keep the vacuum cleaner clean. Can be converted into …

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