What are the trending products of vacuum cleaners recently?


Fabric washing machines have been popular on new media platforms in recent years. In the video, the dirty sofa carpet is brushed once by the fabric washing machine, which can be said to be cleaned in seconds. Consumers with carpet headaches are excited, so is it really necessary to buy a fabric washing machine? Is it really that useful?

As a “mobile washing machine”, the fabric washing machine solves the cleaning problem of large items that are difficult to disassemble and wash by means of water spraying + dirt cleaning + vacuuming + drying. So what are its advantages?
(1)Advantages of cloth art cleaning machine

  1. Strong decontamination, efficient cleaning. As a cleaning product, the most basic ability of the fabric cleaner is the ability to decontaminate and clean. How well it cleans depends on power, detergent and brush head design.
  2. Convenient and wireless. The cleaning machine with wireless design is more convenient.
  3. Lightweight design. The product is relatively light, and it will not be so tiring to hold it for a long time.
  4. Safe sterilization. Although the washing machine can remove stains that are visible to the naked eye, bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye are still hidden deep in the sofa. Then the sterilization function is also essential.

(2)The working principle of the cloth cleaning machine
First of all, let me introduce its working principle: the fabric washing machine was mostly used for commercial use in the early years, and it has been used for home use in recent years. It is very simple. It first mixes water + cleaning solution to clean it, and then sprays it at a fixed point through the water outlet button to dissolve and soften the dirty place. Stains, after softening, use a brush to scrub the softened stains repeatedly, and at the same time rely on the strong suction of the machine to quickly suck the stains and water on the fabric into the sewage tank, and finally turn on the self-cleaning of the machine with one button, and the entire cleaning process is completed.