What is the best machine to clean beds, carpets, sofas?


Bed vacuum cleaner (also known as mite remover) The general mite remover on the market uses the function of beating + vacuuming + ultraviolet light to remove mites and sterilize, and some of them have a hot air effect.
The most important function, which is the key to removing mites, is the flapping function. beating cannot avoid the problem of amplitude, that is, the strength of vibration. To destroy the grip of the mites’ legs, you need to choose a powerful and effective mite remover. And the damage caused by mites to the human body does not only depend on itself, but also mite corpses, excrement, etc. Simply killing mites cannot be called a mite removal instrument. Mites and allergens also need to be sucked out and cleaned out.

1.How to use the mite remover
When in use, put the mite remover on the surface of the fabric and push and pull it back and forth, such as: on the bed, carpet, and sofa chair. It is easy to operate and can be used by plugging in the electricity. Easy and labor-saving, just push and pull. There are also wireless ones, which can be used after charging and turning on the switch.

2.Scenarios for using the mite remover
Daily use at home, travel, business trip, car, company, etc. In addition, it can also clean the bed hair, disinfect and sterilize.

3.Applicable people for mite remover
Ordinary families, urban families with serious air pollution, families with high frequency of air conditioning, families with old people and newborn babies and families with genetic history of allergies, families with pets (especially cats and dogs), people with allergies Rhinitis, allergic dermatitis, allergic eczema, asthma, allergic constitution and other patients.

4.How the mite remover works
The characteristic of the mite removal instrument is that it is equipped with a uv lamp, which can remove mites and dust. In addition, when we hang the mite remover in the air, the ultraviolet lamp is automatically turned off, and the ultraviolet lamp will automatically turn on only when it is placed on a flat surface (such as the surface of a bed, sofa, or carpet). After we have finished using the mite remover, we can remove its dust box, take out the HEPA, and pour out the dust inside. Of course, you can also clean it after multiple uses. The mite remover is small and space-saving, very suitable for home use.