Which vacuum cleaner is suitable for home use?


1.Handheld wireless vacuum cleaner: the most convenient and most popular among consumers is the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner. The hand-held one is convenient, and it can be used by picking it up. It is more suitable for cleaning desktops, beds, car interiors and other places within reach. However, the suction is relatively weak, the capacity of the dust collection container is not particularly large, and the battery life is not dominant. The cordless vacuum cleaner has a dust collection cylinder and a motor in one, and is generally used for more charging. It is light and convenient, and has a wide range of cleaning scenarios, so a cordless vacuum cleaner is a very good choice.

2.Horizontal vacuum cleaner: The horizontal vacuum cleaner has the advantages of small size, convenient storage, and large dust collection capacity. The 1000W high-power motor can clean many areas that cannot be touched by manpower. Because of its strong adsorption capacity, it has the disadvantage of high noise in use. At the same time, the horizontal vacuum cleaner can only be used in a dry environment and cannot absorb water.

3.Stick vacuum cleaner: It is similar in design to the vertical vacuum cleaner, but it is lighter and more convenient to use. The relative capacity of the dust collection container is not large, and the suction is weaker than the vertical vacuum cleaner. It is not suitable for cleaning carpets. For deep cleaning, if there is no carpet at home or if you don’t plan to vacuum the carpet very clean, this type of vacuum cleaner is recommended, and most stick vacuum cleaners are foldable, disassembled and assembled for easy storage.

4.dry wet vacuum cleaner: The dry wet vacuum cleaner is a newly developed trend product. It is characterized by the integration of dry and wet. It adds the function of mopping the floor on the basis of the stick vacuum cleaner. The roller brush can be cleaned automatically, and people no longer need to manually clean the roller brush. The washing machine is also equipped with an intelligent voice and a display screen. We can see the current state of the machine on the display screen, including battery power, water volume in the clean water tank, etc. After we clean up, we can put the washing machine on Charge the machine on the charging base, unlike stick and handheld vacuum cleaners, which have to be manually connected to the machine and charger to charge. At present, the washing machine is a very popular vacuum cleaner, which is convenient and quick to use.

all in all, The function and appearance of household vacuum cleaners are constantly being updated, with the aim of making our lives more convenient and comfortable. Because of different personal preferences, there is no best vacuum cleaner, but for cleaning the floor, the dry wet vacuum cleaner is the best choice.