What are the characteristics of a K15 carpet cleaner?


The main function of a carpet cleaner is to remove dirt, garbage and hair from the carpet, improve the appearance of the carpet and extend the use of the carpet. Among them, the K15 carpet cleaner has made a lot of modifications and upgrades based on the comprehensive use characteristics of related products. Its products are mainly concentrated on the following unique features:

In terms of design type, the K15 carpet cleaner adopts a portable/handheld design, with a delicate and compact appearance and easy to carry, suitable for daily home room cleaning and carpet sofa cleaning. In terms of cleaning, the K15 carpet cleaner uses water and cleaning liquid, sprays it on the carpet, and then absorbs it into the sewage tank together with the dirt. The large-capacity clean water tank is designed to hold water mixed with detergent, with fewer water additions, and the large-capacity sewage tank collects sewage and has fewer emptying times.

The high power of the K15 carpet cleaner is manifested in strong suction and good cleaning effect. It is essential for effective dirt removal. The narrower cleaning path makes it easier to operate and suitable for small spaces. The strong suction and fast extraction system can provide faster drying time. Lighter models are easier to carry and move, especially up and down stairs. Easily clean around the home.

There are a variety of cleaning tools that can be used on the K15 carpet cleaner. The cleaning hose and indoor tool can be used to clean walkways and furniture interiors. The crevice tool is used to clean small corners. Intuitive buttons and switches are easy to operate. The removable water tank is easy to clean and maintain. The two models of wireless and wired can choose the appropriate cleaning range according to needs. There are two water tanks for cleaning and dirt to prevent cross-contamination.

In short, when buying a carpet cleaner, it depends on the specific needs of the user, such as the location to be cleaned, the state of the stains, and the usage habits. Its price often varies according to function, size and quality. The K15 carpet cleaner is an innovative product based on the advantages and disadvantages of previous carpet cleaners, which plays a great role in enhancing the quality of related products. In addition, the warranty and customer support of the carpet cleaner also play an important role in its reliability.