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Addressing Environmental Concerns with Professional Wet Dry Vacuums

Professional wet dry vacuums are environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that minimize water usage and chemical waste. Unlike traditional cleaning methods that rely on water-intensive processes, these vacuums use minimal water and energy, reducing their environmental footprint.

Ensuring Compliance with Industry Standards

Professional wet dry vacuums are designed to meet stringent industry standards for safety, performance, and reliability. By choosing certified models that comply with regulatory requirements, businesses can ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Integrating Professional Wet Dry Vacuums into Cleaning Protocols

Incorporating professional wet dry vacuums into cleaning protocols can streamline cleaning operations and improve overall efficiency. By assigning specific tasks and areas to be cleaned with these vacuums, businesses can ensure thorough and consistent cleaning results.

What Makes a Professional Wet Dry Vacuum Stand Out in Commercial Settings?

A professional wet dry vacuum is designed to excel in commercial environments by offering robust performance and versatility. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, these devices can efficiently handle both wet and dry messes, making them indispensable tools for maintaining cleanliness in various industries.

The Role of Training in Maximizing the Benefits of Professional Wet Dry Vacuums

Proper training is essential for maximizing the benefits of professional wet dry vacuums in commercial settings. By providing comprehensive training programs for cleaning staff, businesses can ensure safe and effective operation of these vacuums, leading to better cleaning results and increased efficiency.

product description

E22 commercial vacuum cleaner

Professional Wet Dry Vacuum for Commercial Use | ZEK

Our E22 professional wet dry vacuum is made for cleaning a large area, especially in commercial setting. Sweeping, suction and mop all in one. Get a quote.

Unveiling the Professional Wet Dry Vacuum: Your Ultimate Cleaning Partner

Introduction: Defining the Professional Wet Dry Vacuum

When it comes to heavy-duty cleaning in commercial settings, nothing beats the efficiency and versatility of a professional wet dry vacuum cleaner. Also known as a commercial vacuum cleaner, this powerhouse is designed to tackle large areas with ease, offering sweeping, suction, and mopping capabilities all in one machine. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, the professional wet dry vacuum is equipped to handle both wet spills and dry debris, making it indispensable in environments where cleanliness is paramount.

The Versatility of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial vacuum cleaners find applications across a spectrum of environments, including office complexes, hospitality venues, industrial facilities, and healthcare institutions. Their sturdy build and robust suction capabilities enable them to eliminate dirt, dust, debris, and liquid messes from diverse surfaces like carpets, hard floors, upholstery, and even outdoor spaces. Whether it's addressing a sudden spill in a restaurant kitchen or maintaining hygienic conditions in a medical facility, the professional wet dry vacuum rises to the occasion.

Advantages of Professional Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners

1.Versatility: Unlike handheld or self-cleaning wet dry vacuums, professional models offer unparalleled versatility, seamlessly transitioning between various cleaning tasks.

2.Powerful Performance: Equipped with potent motors and advanced filtration systems, professional wet dry vacuum cleaners deliver robust suction to effectively tackle dirt, debris, and liquid spills.

3.Ample Cleaning Capacity: With generous clean water and waste water tanks, commercial vacuum cleaners cover vast areas without requiring frequent emptying, enhancing productivity.

4.Self-Traction Technology: Featuring self-traction capabilities, commercial vacuum cleaners move effortlessly forward, minimizing operator effort and ensuring smooth maneuverability, even in expansive spaces.

Benefits of Using Commercial Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners

1.Efficiency: The professional wet dry vacuum streamlines cleaning operations by integrating sweeping, suction, and mopping functions into a single unit, reducing labor and time expenditures.

2.Convenience: Offering features like cordless operation, detachable batteries, and vertical storage compatibility, commercial vacuum cleaners prioritize user convenience and ease of operation.

3.Extended Battery Life: With substantial battery capacities, commercial wet dry vacuum cleaners sustain prolonged operation, enabling uninterrupted cleaning sessions over extensive areas.

4.LED Screen Display: Equipped with user-friendly LED displays, professional vacuum cleaners provide real-time updates on machine status and battery levels, facilitating efficient operation.

Introducing the E22 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

The ZEK E22 commercial vacuum cleaner epitomizes the pinnacle of professional wet dry vacuum technology. Boasting a formidable 350W BLDC motor and a colossal 14000mAh battery capacity, this machine delivers unmatched cleaning prowess and endurance. Its self-traction mechanism ensures effortless navigation, while the capacious 4L clean water tank and 6.5L waste water tank facilitate uninterrupted cleaning of expansive areas. With vertical storage adaptability and customizable packaging options, the E22 emerges as the ultimate cleaning ally for commercial enterprises.

Product Introduction: ZEK E22 Professional Wet Dry Vacuum

The ZEK E22 Professional Wet Dry Vacuum Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and engineered for optimal performance, this advanced cleaning solution is tailored to meet the exacting standards of commercial environments, from office buildings and hotels to restaurants and retail establishments.

Wireless Operation for Unrestricted Mobility

Bid farewell to tangled cords and limited reach. The ZEK E22 Professional Wet Dry Vacuum, liberating users from the constraints of traditional corded vacuum cleaners. With no cords to navigate around or trip over, cleaning tasks become more efficient and less cumbersome, allowing operators to maneuver effortlessly through various spaces with unparalleled freedom.

High-Capacity Detachable Battery

Empowering extended cleaning sessions, the ZEK E22 Professional Wet Dry Vacuum features a high-capacity 14000mAh detachable battery. This formidable power source ensures sustained cleaning performance without the inconvenience of frequent recharges. Whether tackling extensive floor areas or high-traffic zones, users can rely on the E22 to deliver consistent and uninterrupted cleaning power.

Vertical Storage Design for Space Optimization

In commercial environments where space is at a premium, the ZEK E22 Professional Wet Dry Vacuum excels with its vertical storage compatibility. Designed to minimize footprint and maximize storage efficiency, this vacuum cleaner can be effortlessly stored in janitorial closets, utility rooms, or equipment storage areas. Its compact vertical profile ensures seamless integration into any workspace layout.

Integrated Sweep, Suction, and Mop Functions

Versatility meets efficiency with the ZEK E22's integrated cleaning capabilities. From sweeping up dry debris and dirt to suctioning away liquid spills and stains, this multifunctional powerhouse handles diverse cleaning tasks with ease. By consolidating sweeping, suctioning, and mopping functions into a single unit, the E22 Professional Wet Dry Vacuum streamlines cleaning operations and minimizes the need for multiple cleaning tools.

Forward Traction Mechanism for Effortless Maneuverability

Say goodbye to manual pushing and pulling. The ZEK E22 Professional Wet Dry Vacuum features a forward traction mechanism that propels the vacuum cleaner forward, reducing operator fatigue and facilitating seamless navigation across expansive areas. With effortless movement and precision control, users can achieve optimal cleaning results with minimal exertion.

Intuitive LED Screen Display

Stay informed and in control with the ZEK E22's user-friendly LED screen display. Providing real-time updates on battery status, cleaning modes, and machine diagnostics, the LED screen enhances user convenience and operational transparency. With clear and intuitive interface design, operators can effortlessly monitor and adjust cleaning settings for maximum efficiency.

Robust Construction for Long-Term Reliability

Engineered to withstand the demands of rigorous commercial use, the ZEK E22 Professional Wet Dry Vacuum boasts a rugged construction that prioritizes durability and longevity. From its sturdy chassis to its resilient components, every aspect of the E22 is built to withstand the challenges of daily cleaning tasks in commercial settings. With its exceptional build quality, the E22 ensures years of dependable performance and ROI.

Elevate Your Cleaning Standards with the ZEK E22 Professional Wet Dry Vacuum

the ZEK E22 Professional Wet Dry Vacuum cleaner sets a new standard for commercial cleaning excellence. With its wireless operation, high-capacity battery, multifunctional capabilities, and user-centric features, the E22 empowers users to achieve unparalleled cleanliness and efficiency in commercial environments. Invest in the ZEK E22 and experience the epitome of commercial cleaning technology.

Conclusion: Elevating Cleaning Standards with Professional Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners

In conclusion, the professional wet dry vacuum cleaner stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in the cleaning sector. Whether you're overseeing a bustling corporate complex, a bustling hotel lobby, or a sprawling warehouse, investing in a premium commercial vacuum cleaner like the ZEK E22 guarantees optimal cleanliness and hygiene. With its robust performance, versatility, and user-centric features, the professional wet dry vacuum cleaner emerges as an indispensable asset for any commercial cleaning endeavor.


Product Introduction
This product is called commercial vacuum cleaner, Wireless, detachable battery, can be stored vertically, clean water tank and sewage tank are detachable, sweeping, suction and dragging integrated, can clean a large area of the ground, when in use, the product has forward traction, so it is very easy to use, the product has an LED screen.

Parts name

Accessories display

Product Parameter

Model NumberE22
Brand NameZEK
Battery capacity14000mah
Featureself traction
MotorBLDC motor
Working time1-1.2H
Clean water tank4L
Waste water tank6.5L

Product Benefits
1.Sweeping, suction and mop all in one.
2.14000mah large battery, long-lasting battery life, large cleaning space.
3.Vertical storage, simple storage.
4.Equipped with a display screen to show the status of the machine and the power display.
5.Clean water tank and waste water tank are detachable.

Packing & Shipping
FOB Port: shanghai/Ningbo
Country of Origin: China (mainland)
HTS Code: 8508110000
Dimensions per Unit:52.538115.5cm
Weight per Unit:26kg

Packing picture
Packaging can be customized, patterns and color box packaging can be customized.

Company Profile

Suzhou Zheng Yi Kai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in suzhou, China, our company has developed into a professional household Vacuum Cleaner enterprise integrating R&D, production, sale and service.

Our products include Vacuum cleaner, and Vacuum cleaner spare parts. We have already obtained CCC, RoHS, CE, GS, SGScertificates. Our products are sold to Asia,Europe, America, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions. 60% of the products are for export.

We have also established a standard and efficient management system, complete management regulations and an employee training system. These will be the solid foundation for our long-term development.

Company Advantage    
We have our own production line with a monthly capacity of 150,000 units
The company has a research and development department, which develops more than 2 new products every year.
The company has a dedicated laboratory to ensure and improve product quality
Very close to Shanghai and Ningbo ports, reducing transportation costs
All products come with required patents and export certificates
The company was established in 2013 and has ten years of production experience
A good after-sales service

Q1. Are you factory or trading company?
Re: We are Trading company with factory.

Q2: Do you support for OEM and ODM service?
Re: Yes, we are experienced in custom service.

Q3. Do you accept small orders?
Re: Yes, small orders are acceptable.

Q4. What’s the lead time?
Re: It takes 15 to 45 days depending on the quantity.

Q5. Can I get a discount?
Re: Yes, for the order quantity more than 500 pcs, please contact us to get the best price.

Q6. What’s the term of payment?
Re: We accept PayPal, credit card, T/T, West Union and other online payments.

Q7. Do you inspect the finished products?
Re: Yes, each step of production and finished products will be came out inspection by QC department before shipping.

Q8.How can I get your price list?
Re: Please leave your contact way such as E-mail/whatsapp to us,we will contact you and send you our quotation sheet.